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Share the Marlow Warlord’s story

A project by: Gabor Thomas


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When possible, I shall very much look forward to coming to see this stuff! All the very best, John

Wishing the very best to the Team on their good work! RL

Really interesting stuff. Greetings from UC Davis!

Very happy to help with a small donation :) I am writing an article on an Italian history magazine about the discovery and fund raising, hope this helps, too.

I am hopeful that DNA results can be obtained.

Best of luck!

Happy to be able to help. Very interesting find

Good luck!

Responding to Brian's reasonable question below: the press release was designed to concentrate attention on the Marlow burial as a new discovery and, being several generations later, Taplow casts light on a rather different world.

Why don't any of the reports on the Marlow burial I have read mention the nearby burial at Taplow?

I hope you reach your goal, so interesting.

Such an exciting find - and I do find it sad that it has to be crowd-funded; just another example of how little importance the government places on building the picture of our past :-(

Ex classicist fascinated by the post Roman period and transition to Anglo Saxon dominance. Amazing find and really looking forward to hearing more

Keep up the good work! Thank you for your commitment to bringing the past to life for all of us.

Fascinating discovery. As someone who was born in south Buckinghamshire, attended the grammar school in Marlow and who studied history at university, I have always found the area's ambiguous border status interesting. I hope you reach your cloud funding target and can complete your research.

My interest lies in my Surname,which I believe to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. I might be related!!!

Great work- looks fascinating Prof Paul whitehead Emeritus prof of geography and archaeology school

Fascinating- and great idea to crowd fund its preservation.

Coming 2 something when there are insufficient funds avail 2 conserve this find. Don't have a lot of spare cash atm, bt am donating because of my interest in Anglo-Saxon archaeology, n friendship w G Thomas