The Knit-A-Thon

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This project received donations on Tue 23 Jan 2018
6 years, 3 months ago

I wanted to update everyone on the amazing job our knitters did at the knit-a-thon and share with you all the thanks we received from Lauchpad and the Buscot ward - as really it is all down to the money we raised with your help! As you can see, we knitted an astonishing amount of hats (over 300 and counting!) with the support of our society members, staff at the Unviersity and members of Reading's knitting clubs. Luckily we were able to deliver the hats to Launchpad before the 'Beast from the East' hit!! We want to thank everyone who donated as well as everyone who came to knit, the knit-a-thon would not have been possible without all your support, time and donations.