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Forgotten Routes

A project by: Varta Arutiunian


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Immersive journey through the collective perception of Ukraine

HI, my name is VARTA!

I am a Master's student (Film, Theater and Television) at Reading University. I am making a hybrid documentary about my Homeland -- Ukraine. It is a first-person documentary, I am telling the story from my perspective, as a young displaced woman and a filmmaker. 

Don't worry, it's not a lesson! 

I want to explore a few things doing this film. For example, how does the collective memory work? Can one stay objective talking about their own country or is objectivity even important in this case? How to recognize truth from noise? 

The film has three parts. The first one is about the past, the second one is about the present and the third one is about a possible future of Ukraine. I will use archive footage, photographs, maps and graphics, re-enactment and interviews to complete the story visually; and voice over as a general 'thread'.


My Homeland is fighting for its existence and I am trying to rebuild my life abroad which is incredibly difficult and painful. The reason why it is so tough is that you cannot start rebuilding anything unless you let your previous life go. Unfortunately, I am not the only one who feels this way.

We now live in a world where, at any minute, one could end up displaced for a reason, whether it's an earthquake or a war. We have to learn how to coexist together. To do that, we must know at least something about each other and recognize the truth from the noise. This film could inspire people to think critically and be curious about other countries and nationalities, about each other!

Where will the money go?

I will use the money to cover travel costs and pay for archive footage, such as old video recordings from the National Archive in Ukraine. Also, I will need help with editing/sound and motion graphics, so I intend to pay a motion designer, sound designer, and editor. 


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Email: varta.arut@gmail.com 

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