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Forgetting Apricity

A project by: Andrea Chan


WE RAISED £1,247

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3 months, 1 week ago

[💌: you have received a video!!]

Hello again!! Crazy news - we’re almost done with the edit :D

While our editor and director add the final touches to the end product, here’s a little behind-the-scenes video edited by our scriptwriter and 1st AD Alice 🫶🏻🫶🏻

>>open me<<

Before you go, there’s more exciting stuff - the 2024 Film, Theatre and Television festival official Instagram is up! Do give it a follow for more info about key dates, and also the other films and plays that will be shown during the festival :)

>>FTT Festival Instagram<<

P.S. We’re also working on the goodies for each supporter rewards tier at the moment, and hopefully we’ll be able to get all of them delivered by April! Check your emails - we’ll notify you once we’ve sent them out 🤭

3 months, 4 weeks ago

it’s a wrap!!

After one final day of filming, Forgetting Apricity has officially wrapped! 💫💫

These 4 days were such a fun experience for us, and with only post-production remaining, we’re now so close to the end!

While our crew continues to work hard on the final product, here’s a last few snaps from the final day on set 🤍

(P.S. Have you seen our teaser clip on Instagram yet? >>click me<<)

4 months ago

behind the scenes on set: days 1-3 (day 4 🔜)

Hello hello! We hope you’ve all been doing well these last few weeks :) Time flew by in a blink and suddenly we’re already halfway through production! 🫣

Filming has been going smoothly so far (save for a few minor hiccups!) thanks to our wonderful actors Juliana, Leo, Jun and Meg 🩷🩷, and of course our hardworking crew. 

Seeing our brain child come to life has been magical, we can’t wait to get through the final day of filming so we can finally move on to post-production! 🥹

While both the crew and cast rest up before our final day of filming on Tuesday, here’s some BTS photos for you, because we definitely wouldn’t have been able to execute all of this without your support! 🫶🏻

**Lianne is the actor for our character Meg, apologies for the typo!

5 months ago

the new year update 

Happy new year! We hope 2024 has been treating you well so far :)

Some exciting updates on the production:

- Thanks to our lovely supporters (you!), we have been able to crowdfund a total of £1,247, and we are currently in the process of finalising the production budget 💸💸

- The script has been finalised, and Alice, our 1st AD, is coordinating the shooting schedule with the actors in accordance to our confirmed shoot dates 🗓️🎬

- For location and set, our Production Designer and Location Scout, Andrea, has compiled a list of locations for our shoot and is working on securing those venues 🤭🤞

We’re about to officially enter the production stage of our project, and we hope you’re all as excited as we are! We’ll be posting behind-the-scenes updates from the shoot, so keep an eye out 😼

6 months, 3 weeks ago

Sneakpeeks from the Test shoot

Over the weekend, we have completed test shoots and initial chemistry tests between our actors! It was all a really fun time experimenting with different lighting and shots to use for significant scenes in the short film, which makes us extra excited for the official shoot early next year.

Thank you so much to our amazing actors for being patient with us, and our lovely crew members for supporting each other in our roles throughout the shoots (and standing in as temporary actors!)

We can't give too much away so we're keeping things under wraps, but we'll leave you with some photos of our cast and crew from the test shoots.

Stay tuned for more and we're so grateful for all the support on our crowdfunding so far :)