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Forgetting Apricity

A project by: Andrea Chan


WE RAISED £1,247

from 31 donors

A student short film exploring themes of bisexuality, bi-erasure and mental health.

About Forgetting apricity

Forgetting Apricity is a 10-minute short film made as a part of the FTT Advanced Filmmaking Module. It follows the emotional journey of Angie, who is struggling to find comfort and self-acceptance in her sexual identity after the end of a 5-year queer relationship.

The short film aims to show bisexuality in a healthier light, and to destigmatize mental health.  

our story

Forgetting Apricity is led by an all-female crew, which was important to us as the film is centred around a female character. A few of our crew members are part of the LGBT+ community and resonate with Angie's struggles with her sexuality. Our crew feels very strongly about the erasure of bisexual characters and mis-representation of bisexuality in film and television and we aim to challenge and break the bisexual stereotypes defined by the media in the past. 

the team 

SIREEN (she/her) is the director, costume designer and social media manager of Forgetting Apricity. Her current favorite film is Aftersun (2022). She is very excited to work with the cast, and is most looking forward to seeing all the creative collaborations come to fruition.

ALICE (she/they) is our scriptwriter, 1st AD and co-producer. She is currently obsessed with Baldur's Gate 3 and her favourite films are the 2003 live action Peter Pan and Scream. They are looking forward to seeing the actors bring our script to life and seeing healthy bisexual representation on screen.

BETH (she/her), the cinematographer and one of the 5 co-producers for our production, is excited to be working in an all female-led production and to be exploring with colours and composition to make our script come to life! A mini-drama that really touched her was Jack O’Frost, a Japanese melodrama. It’s perfect for the current winter season and the story between the main characters is beautifully written.

ANDREA (she/her) is our production designer and props master. She has had experience working on production design for previous student-led projects, and is enthusiastic about translating the story-world of Forgetting Apricity from words to visuals on-screen. Her favourite film is La La Land, and she intends to pull inspiration from the film's set designs, which each have their own character and mood.

OLIVIA (she/her) the editor for the production, is really eager to be working with such amazing people and exploring different techniques she can include in the post-production period. Her favourite film is Love Actually, and she is looking forward to the script coming to life.

Where will the money go?

The funds raised will be used for:

  • Venue hiring
  • Production design
  • Props
  • Costume
  • Music licensing
  • Travel expenses
  • Food for cast and crew (on shoot days)

If we raise any extra funds above our target, this money will be used by the University of Reading Film Theatre and Television department to help promote our film and other films made by our fellow students. 


We are offering rewards for donations of any amount, please refer to the rewards descriptions for more information :)

If you're unable to donate, we would still greatly appreciate it if you share our project with people around you!


Regular updates of our project's progress will be posted on the page as we proceed along the production timeline. Stay tuned to see more!

want to see more?

We will be posting behind-the-scene updates of the production process on our Instagram page @forgetting.apricity. Come find us and drop us a follow!