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A project by: Josh Gilpin



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Guitar Hero meets the big screen

A short summary of your project

We are trying to bring everyones childhood Guitar Hero fantasy to life with our on-screen adaptation of Chelsea Marcantels Airness! The story follows a group of friends each on their quest to win a spot in the US Air Guitar National Championships however rather than just retelling the existing storyline we'll be adding our own twist with new characters alongside everyones favorites and the trials and tribulations they face on the path to stardom!

Who are you?

JOSH GILPIN - PRODUCER, SCENIC & LIGHTING DESIGNER - I am a third year Film and Television student with a passion for theatrical lighting and scenic design. This film is one close to my heart having watched a production of it in the Fall of 2021 and later being given the chance to workshop it for an in class project which is when the lightbulb flicked and the idea for a stage to screen adaptation was born.

LEO EDOCHIE - WRITER, PRODUCER, DIRECTOR - Hello, my name is Leo Edochie. I'm a third year Film, Theatre and Television student with a drive for directing productions and a bit of acting.

This project uses the characters of an interesting theatrical play to create our film, making an interesting and fun project.

Your story

Since I first saw this production onstage back in 2021, I instantly had the idea that I wanted to bring it to screen and what better way to do it justice than by using it as our final film for our Degrees, but we didn't just want a simple retelling of the existing story we wanted to put our own twist which led to the collaboration between us.

Where will the money go?

  • What will you spend the funding on if you hit your minimum?
  • The money raised from this crowdfunding will go towards helping us build and dress the set to make it look as authentic and realistic as possible plus assist with sourcing costumes and props to help us make the best film possible. 
  • What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target?
  • If we raise more than our target then it will go towards making the film even better with improved props/costumes and providing food for the cast/crew on set.
  • How often will you give updates on progress when you're running your project or campaign?
  • We hope to provide frequent updates as the project progresses, these will likely be released weekly/biweekly depending on production schedules.


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