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An ambitious art project needs your help!

My project

I have an ambitious art project and I'm crowdfunding to make it a reality!

I've been making tentacles out of upholstery foam to be used in the 3rd year art exhibition this year. They will not only be used as fun seating for an alternative vantage point for viewing our exhibited pieces but also as a thought provoking and interactive sculpture.

Who are you?

I’m Rae and I am a 3rd year Fine Art and Literature student with a hands-on artistic practice and a love of sculptures you can touch!

My Story

Did you know that an octopus, when threatened, can remove one of its own tentacles as a distraction?

Not only that, but because they have a decentralised nervous system, the limb contains some of its 'brain'. So when it removes the limb, it's still alive, sentient and moving with its own sense of self-preservation.

My work is heavily inspired by this remarkable biology. I hope to make a giant congregation of 'lost tentacles', made of super soft foam that feel great to touch.

I hope the pile of tentacles will be like a support group for these lost and traumatised bodies. When a viewer sits in the work, letting the tentacles reach out to them, they participate in this healing process - it is like they are reckoning with their own personal traumas in some small way.

By supporting this project you'll be helping to manifest this amazing experience.

Where will the money go?

The minimum funding target of £150 will allow me to buy enough foam to make 30 tentacles.

If I reach the full target of £400, I can make 30 tentacles, plus a super-efficient 3D printed mould that means there will be less wasted materials.


I've got some really cool rewards to say thank-you for donating, from just a small handwritten personal thank-you note to having you very own tentacle after the show!


Find us here

Follow me on Instagram to see how the project is going! @rae.n.c 

Help us succeed!

You can help in lots of different ways:

  • Pledge your support – anything from £1 could help make this art piece amazing.
  • Share my project – share with anyone who might be interested in what I’m making and what it represents, the more people that the know about this project the better!
  • Come to the show! And finally, if you’re able to, it would be great if you could come to the show!