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Flatmate Archives

A project by: Constantinos Shemelides



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When rich kid is placed on a trial he struggles to convince the grump to be accepted on the lease.

Our film

Welcome to Flatmate Archives, A film meant to entertain and make you laugh which is what the world needs today. If you love comedies and want to help a young production crew create one of the funniest sitcoms, your donation will be greatly appreciated!


Benjamin (Benji) is disowned by his rich father after dropping out of business school and is forced to find a place to stay. He finds a cheap listing for a room online, which was put up by Harvey and Alfie as they cannot afford rent. In this episode, Benji passes the interview, much to Harvey’s distaste, and he’s put on a 5-day flatmate trial period and mistake’s Harvey (Gay) and Alfie (Straight) for a couple. After Benji moves in, he struggles to do menial daily tasks as well as trying to appease Harvey in order to keep his room. A series of misunderstandings leads him to think that Harvey is cheating, and Benji struggles with the dilemma of whether he should tell Alfie...

Who are we?

Meet The Team:

  • Pippa as Director
  • Shem as Producer, Cinematographer
  • Alice as Scriptwriter, Set designer
  • Andrea as Scriptwriter, Set designer
  • Beth as Cinematographer, Props
  • Sireen as Editor
  • Nuwintha as Costume designer

As a team, each one of our roles will come hand in hand to deliver one of the most hilarious comedies to ever come out of Minghella Studios! 

Where will the money go?

Your Donation will allow us to bring this project to life by helping us fund:

  • Props
  • Costumes and make up,
  • Rewards
  • Catering
  • Paying our cast 

Please sponsor too help make this happen!


As a thank you for showing your support, we will show our appreciation by rewarding you with: Cinema tickets, A final copy of script signed by all of the cast, up to date emails about our progression and more!

Help us succeed!

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