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Beautiful Disruption - Short Film

A project by: Katie Carpenter



from 16 donors

A Short Film about Love, Relationships, Music and Adulthood

Beautiful Disruption

We’re trying to raise £1,000 to help fund our third year Dissertation project ‘Beautiful Disruption’. Our film follows the narrative of two young individuals deeply in love. On the cusp of their adulthood, they discover their true callings in life.  

Our short film tells the story of a young couple: charming ‘Felix’ and loving Astrid’ who are embarking on an emotional journey while also trying to find their place in society. 

However, as they do their relationship falls behind, leading them to a critical decision: will they choose between each other or the pursuit of their individual dreams? 

We hope you are as excited about our short film as much as we are. Your donations will allow us to fulfil our project and bring our vision to your screens. If you are not able to donate, we would love for you to share our short film! 

Meet the team!


Hiya I’m Anna, I am co directing, co scriptwriting, and costume design on Beautiful Disruption. My favourite film is Scott Pilgrim vs the World. So excited for you all to see our project. 


Hiya, I’m Grace! I’m co-directing and in charge of production design for Beautiful Disruption. My favourite film Dead Poets Society. I’m super excited to share our movie with you all. 


Hi, I’m Katie and I am the Producer for our short film ‘Beautiful Disruption’. My favourite film is Interstellar as I thought the music was an integral part that accompanied the storyline. I am excited for this project. 


Hi, I’m Isabel and I’m the Cinematographer and Scriptwriter for our project. My favourite film is Alien. I can’t wait to bring this film to life and show off the characters of Astrid and Felix! 

Where will the money go?

Any donations will be appreciated and will allow us to purchase:

- Venue Hire

- Props 

- Set Design 

- Costumes 

- Food and Refreshments 

If we raise any extra funds above our target, this money will be used by the University of Reading Film Theatre and Television department to help promote our film and other films made by our fellow students. 


We will keep everyone up to date on our project with photographs and behind the scenes of our test shoots and filming weeks!

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