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A project by: Hanyue Wang



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The family conflict between two generations of women

My film

Rebellion is a family drama with a focus on female’ issues. It explores the conflicting mother-daughter and marital relationships against the backdrop of Chinese traditional culture. The mother's control stems from excessive emotional dependence on her daughter and deeply ingrained beliefs in authoritarian parenting methods, while indifferent father further exacerbates the imbalance in family dynamics.

The film will begin with the daughter's escape from her mother. She arrives in the UK in search of an academic career and the freedom she desires, but her mother follows to confront her. The intergenerational conflict reflects the clash between the rising Asian feminism and the oppression of women in marital relationships. Women’s self-worth is often concealed behind the roles of wife or mother, thus the elder generation of women often becomes enforcers of the shackles imposed on the younger generation. The daughter's escape is a fierce rebellion against these shackles and a pursuit of self-worth.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Hanyue Wang, a Chinese student at University of Reading. I'm doing MA Creative Enterprise (Film). My film is about a serious topic, and during the preparation process, I discovered that many female friends resonated with the family environment I described. This further motivates me to portray the issues of this entire generation in my film, which does make sense! So I would really appreciate if you'd like to join my project and help me with funding! 

my story

This is a semi-autobiographical film, initially inspired by my own real experiences, so it will reflect the women’s issues in Chinese society very truthfully. The teaser showcases my concept, and I'm confident that the full film will be even more eloquent. I aspire to complete this film with a high standard of quality and secure opportunities to participate in film festivals, so I truly need your help! 

Where will the money go?

We need money to rent a real flat for shooting and build a professional crew!

  • Venue hire (3 days): £600
  • Travel (train & van hire & fuel): £300
  • Production costs: £500
  • Accommodation (7 persons): £700
  • Festival entry fees: £300
  • Music purchase: £100

Mood Board: Rebellion  [Before, Now, After]

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£15 or more - A personalised thank you video

£30 or more - A personalised thank you video and a printed thanks photo from all crews

£50 or more - A special mention in the film credits as contributor, a thank you video, and a Chinese gift such as tea, silk, porcelain, etc.

£100 or more - A special mention in the film credits as a producer, a printed thanks photo from all crews, a digital album of all pre production & production artwork/photos, a Chinese gift customized for you (like your name on the silk, or handmade calligraphy).

Find me here

Instagram: hanyue1075

Email: wanghanyue3344@gmail.com

Help us succeed!

  • Thanks to everyone who sponsored my first film project! 
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  • The name of each donor will be included in the credits, and I'll prepare some gifts for sponsors!