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Wound to Wound

A project by: Timothy May


WE RAISED £1,050

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'Love is a journey from celebration to celebration and from wound to wound'

Wound to Wound

'Love is a journey from celebration to celebration and from wound to wound'

The Story

Three couples, each at a different stage in their relationship, and their journey through conflict, connection and loss.

About the project

Wound to Wound is a project that we are creating as a part of our Advanced Filmmaking Project module. Basically, a dissertation film! It is a short film that's 10 minutes long which seeks to explore and challenge the portrayal of love in media. We believe that people and relationships are multi-layered and complicated, and we aim to show that in our film. We want to experiment with multiple narratives, aesthetics and mixed media animation.

How will the funding be distributed?

Any funds raised will be used for: Travel Costs Location Hiring Production Design and Costume Original Score Festival Attendance.

If we raise any extra funds above our target, this money will be used by the University of Reading Film Theatre and Television department to help promote our film and other films made by our fellow students. 

Meet the team!

We are all Part 3 Film & Television Students at the University of Reading. Viktoria Papazacharoudaki (Screenwriter and Director) Kyle Johnson (Screenwriter and Director of Photography) Timothy May (Co-Producer) Reet Sandhu (Co-Producer, Script Supervisor and Casting Director) Casey King (1st Assistant Director) Mavis Wong (2nd Assistant Director, Sound Production) Tom Williams (Sound Assistant, Editor) Sophie Hunter (Production and Costume Design)

We appreciate your help!

Whether you are contributing with a donation or by sharing our campaign, any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!