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The scars you leave behind

A project by: Clarisse Ageorges



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A murder mystery film about a teenage girl trying to solve her best friend's murder.

A short summary of our project

Help us raise £300 and give a teenager the opportunity to solve the murder of her best friend!

Our story will be a unique and original blend of murder mystery and thriller that will give a unique experience to the audience. 

Who are WE?

We are a third year group composed of 4 students trying to realise their end of degree project. We are passionate about thriller and murder mystery film so we put this passion into producing for our end of year project. Here are our roles in the team:

Elizabeth Rankin: Director

Melissa Wiegold: Cinematographer

Oliver Kearsey: Editor and producer 

Clarisse Ageorges: Artistic director

our story

In times of MeToo and women speaking up about their experiences we decided to create a film that addresses violence against women in a taut murder-mystery with tough teen turned detective at its centre. The story, without giving any spoilers, focuses on Sydney, a teenage girl whose best friend was murdered weeks prior. As it continues to haunt her, Sydney decides to solve the mystery and discover the identity of her best friend’s killer. With the help of her boyfriend and Violet’s diary, she digs into the past to try and relive the night and reconsidering the suspects and their alibis. But, is it really that simple? Is everything as it seems? 

Set in contemporary moment, we drew inspirations on recent teen murder mystery series such as "Elite" or "One of us is lying".

Where will the money go?

To be able to produce this film the way we envisioned it, we need your support. Any amount you can give, will incredibly help towards our project and help us create something we will be proud of. The money raised for this project will be used to buy costumes, props, book locations, and more…

The reason we are asking for funds is to help us make a film to the highest standard in accordance to our vision and expectation. Below, here are some of the costs we expect to encounter whilst making this film:

- Costumes for the characters such as party outfits, suits, jail overall… Since the careful design and realism of the story, will create a compelling detective narrative which can speak powerfully to the audience.

- Props such as handcuffs, crime board, set decorations, lights…

- Travel costs from getting the actors to and from set.

- Create an original soundtrack that will enhance our film.

Every donation, even the smallest, will make an impact on our film and we hope to have your support.


As a show of appreciation towards your help for our project we have some great rewards!

£1 or more will get you a thank you message from the cast

£5 or more will get you get you exclusive news letters about production plus the above

£10 or more will get you a downloadable poster plus all the above

£20 or more will get you a signed script of the cast plus all the above 

£50 or more will get your name in the credits plus all the above

£100 or more will get you an exclusive merch pack plus all the above 

Find us here

For any additional information or questions email us at ageorgescla@gmail.com