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RSA Degree Show 2024

A project by: Ariel Kwong



from 22 donors

Help fund the Reading School of Art Finalists 2024 degree show.

A short summary of our project

We are the Reading School of Art finalists, and we are raising funds to make our final degree show happen! The 2024 Degree Show exhibition is the culmination of our four years at Reading. We will showcase our BEST works and print a collective publication – the ‘Mixtape’.

The opening of the degree show is on the 24th May 2024. We welcome the University of Reading campus population and a wider local community to come and visit. It will be a multidisciplinary art exhibition displaying our students’ final artwork they made for their degree.

The publication contains the progress of our art journey within the final year. It is a collection of our artwork documentation and it introduces the practices of each of our artists.

Who are we?

We are the fourth year students from the University of Reading School of Art. As a group of enthusiastic artists pursuing our creative journey, we are looking to produce a professional degree show to display the accomplishment of our endeavours over these four years. Our artworks involve a wide range of media, such as paintings, sculptures, films, performances, installation works and other disciplines of artwork. We aim to celebrate the diversity of our practices and to share the excitement of creativity with others. We would also like to take the chance to curate an event for everyone to enjoy.

our story

The art department has moved into a new art building this year, and we will be the first group of finalist holding the Degree Show in the new art building! This year we said farewell to the studio we had been working in for the past three years, and we transitioned to the new environment. As a group of students who have witnessed such a big change of the Reading Art School, we hope our exhibition will mark a new start for our department and will be a successful one! The success of our event will really help encourage us and our staff who have been working so hard to set up the new environment for us. More importantly, the Degree Show is a special event to all of us. It means a finale to our degree with all the time and the amount of hard work we have put in, a milestone of our educational life.


Our fundraising activities started at the beginning of this academic year in preparation. We have made totes bags for sale, held a raffle and drinks sales at exhibitions throughout the year, but we have not reached our goals yet. Therefore, we need your help to give us a boost, and make our event happen. Your donation means a lot to us, and we appreciate the support you offer to help in bringing our exhibition into reality!

Where will the money go?

                Donations will be used to create a professional exhibition and the costs breakdown are as follows

                Publication printing costs: £650

                Exhibition (including components for installing artwork that ensure safety, paints, and other materials for exhibition set up): £170

                Exhibition opening with refreshment, performance and music: £150

                Flyers printing costs: £30

                What will you do with extra funds if things really take off and you raise more than your target?

                Any extra funds raised will make the show even better. 


                To thank those who have shown support to us, we want to shout out a big thank you and we have some rewards to offer. Check them out!



                Find us here

                Want to know more about us? Check out our official Instagram account: @rsa_finialists2024

                Help us succeed!

                We would be really thankful if you could donate to our project, or even if you can’t support us, please just do us a favour to share our project with as many people as possible! The more people know about this project, the more likely it will work out brilliantly.

                No matter if you have made a gift or spread the word of our project to others, you are welcome to visit our exhibition on the 24th May 2024. We are looking forward to seeing you at our show!