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Reading International Model United Nations Conference 2019

A project by: Zoe Braddick


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ReadiMUN19 - Reading's Premium International MUN Conference

ReadiMUN is happening for our 8th year, and we need your help

ReadiMUN 2019 - 6th to 8th December 2019

The University of Reading's Model United Nations Society cordially invites you to support the running of ReadiMUN, the Reading University International Model United Nations conference in December 2019! ReadiMUN is a three-day academic conference, modeled on the plenary sessions of the United Nations, which provides young people from around the world with near-boundless opportunities. Be that engaging with contemporary world issues, polishing your public-speaking and communication skills, or becoming more confident and articulate global citizens, our conference will doubtlessly have something for you. ReadiMUN 2019 will be the eighth session of the conference, and will take place on the 6th to the 8th of December, 2019. Stay tuned here for information about our conference, including application dates, any offers available, our secretariat, and much more! Keep on debating, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

About us

The Reading University Model United Nations Society is a group of students who are interested in International Relations, and are trying to bring experience to both Reading University members, but also young people nationally and internationally, to allow for them to become diplomats, ambassadors and future leaders. We have been a society since 2009 and have grown considerably over the years, allowing us to have some of the most experienced people in Model United Nations in the country at present. 

Our body of organisers are called the secretariat, who have collectively been to over 80 conferences, and have organised more than 15 between them. We would love to bring this experience for our conference this year, providing delegates with the best possible experience and a weekend that will shape their future careers.

Where will the money go

We are seeking this funding in order to ensure that we can run our conference as smoothly as possible while allowing as many people as possible to participate. Most of our costs go toward paying for room bookings to be able to hold the event.

- If we hit our minimum target of £750: This allows us to be able to pay for room bookings to ensure that the event goes ahead.

- If we hit an amazing goal of £1000: This would mean that we can ensure we get the best speakers by being able to pay for their travel, enriching the experience for the delegates themselves.  

- If we hit our desired target of £2000: This would allow us to provide extra activities for the delegates, showing off the best of Reading, and be able to sponsor some low income delegates to be able to attend.

Meet the committee

This project comes from the RUMUN Secretariat:

  • Secretary General - Joseph O'Shea,
  • Deputy Secretary General - Zoe Braddick,
  • Under-Secretary General for Chairing - Luke Salter,
  • Under-Secretary General for Logistics - Oliver Cremin,
  • Under-Secretary General for Sponsorship - Nikko Therano,
  • Under-Secretary General for Delegate Assistance - Decio Edward Greenwood,
  • Under-Secretary General for Socials - Ryan Hack,
  • Under-Secretary General for Social Media - Charlie Tyler and
  • Under-Secretary General for Secretarial Affairs - Benjamin Hammett.

We all hope to get your support in this project and are happy to answer any questions you have about the project, Joe O'Shea and Zoe Braddick are managing this project so feel free to contact them first for any additional info.


We have a variety of rewards on offer, from a personalised thank you and shout out on our social media to having you make a speech to our delegates at opening ceremony, we have a variety of opportunities to fit all!

Find us here

we need your help

Please donate if you can, but if not we ask that you share this project to your social media sites so we can reach more people to support us.

Photos of previous events