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Reading International Model United Nations Conference 2019

A project by: Zoe Braddick


WE RAISED £1,790

from 12 donors

7 months, 3 weeks ago


Thank you so much to all of our supporters, we are delighted to have our project reach £1770! This will be a massive help to give the best possible experience to our delegates at ReadiMUN 2019! 

We are delighted to announce that our guest speaker is Colin Davies, a former UN Civil Servant who used to work for UNDP! We are sure that his fascinating life story will allow for our delegates to gain a deeper understanding into how the UN actually works with its work on the ground.

Once again thank you, and we will keep you updated as we go through!

8 months ago

2 Days to Go!

Thank you so much to all our supporters! 

With your help, we have not only reached our initial target, but also our first stretch goal!

This means that we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting as our Guest Speaker an Ex-United Nations Development Programme Civil Servant! More details will follow soon. 

With the closing of our fundraiser coming soon, we would be delighted if we could reach our stretch goal to be able to sponsor some low income delegates to attend ReadiMUN!

Our Goals

- If we hit our minimum target of £750: This allows us to be able to pay for room bookings to ensure that the event goes ahead. ACHIEVED

- If we hit an amazing goal of £1000: This would mean that we can ensure we get the best speakers by being able to pay for their travel, enriching the experience for the delegates themselves.   ACHIEVED

- If we hit our desired target of £2000: This would allow us to provide extra activities for the delegates, showing off the best of Reading, and be able to sponsor some low income delegates to be able to attend.