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At Moonset

A project by: Nicolo Sturaro

pledged of £3,000 target
Your fate awaits you at the end of a full moon

Who am I?

I am Nicolo Sturaro, an MA film student in the University of Reading. I am the writer and director of this short film. I have been dreaming of and planning this project for 2 years now and can't wait to see it grow over the next few months. 

I am raising money to fund the materials to create an authentic and chilling look for my film. In true horror fashion and in order to achieve maximum claustrophobic effects, I will be renting a house and applying a sinister gloss-over. My crew include very talented VFX and make-up crew students who will add practical effects too.  

I also have ambitions to submit this film into festivals like Cannes, Venice and many more. Will you help me achieve this goal?

film plot

Boy lives in a traumatising household. He lives in fear of his father who turns into a vampiric monster by night. He feels his predestined fate becoming more inescapable as the cycle to a full moon draws closer by the days.

My story

I want to make something thought provoking through tragedy. I feel I bring a unique voice to my films, as they are written with real experiences. When approaching a film, I am fascinated by the hypothetical and reality combined. I create films about what I fear my life could have been, but obviously hyperbolised with insane fantasy elements. 

I live and breathe film. It has been my passion since I could even count. I watch and study it religiously. I love it. I am a product of the countless films I have seen and I feel it's my turn to make an impact on other people with my voice and my experiences. This film will focus on my fear of the inevitable, while thematically structured around toxic masculinity and how it can be devastating in a household, leaving victims in its wake. The film will highlight generational trauma within a family and the abuse that coexists with it. I believe tragedy is the best way to showcase and raise awareness on such heavy topics. 

Where will the money go?

  • Renting a house to film in for 1 week (£1000)
  • Make-up/props/set (£700) 
  • Travel/van hire for equipment (£650) 
  • Festival submissions (£200)

If I raise any extra funds above the target, this money will be used by the University of Reading Film Theatre and Television department to help promote our film and other films made by our fellow students. 


  • You will be thanked and credited in the film
  • You will be the first to be sent a copy of the film 


click on the link for the concept video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18np7sNCyDg49luFrfqYUHsRZ25qPXkFs/view?usp=drive_link

Find us here

Updates and videos of the process will be posted on 

Instagram @atmoonsetshortfilm 

YouTube @nicoloyuma

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