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A project by: Georgia Wilson

pledged of £900 target
Follow V, Freya and new-comer Joe on their shift from hell as they work the anticipated 2020 Euros.

Who aM I?

My name is Georgia Wilson and I am an MRES student at the University of Reading working towards my final dissertation. I specialise in creating and devising theatrical works alongside researching critical ideas that I believe can be explored through the use of the arts. As I have a BA in Theatre and Performance from Reading University, I have had a lot of academic training to shape and craft who I am as a practitioner. I am always looking for ways to strengthen my ability and understanding on what it takes to create impactful and sustainable pieces of theatre. 

GIVE US A SMILE - the plot 

24 and heavily pregnant, V works at Robbie's Public House in order to pay her bills after her drunken one-night stand didn’t go to plan. Knackered and overworked, she longs to afford a new flat to raise her baby in. Though the pay is decent the cost of living is rising. Robbie, manager and ex addict has a knack of doing business with pub-regular, Charlie behind closed doors. Following a thrilling battle of morality, how far is V willing to go to ensure she's financially stable enough to raise her child? Follow V, Freya and newcomer Jo on their shift from hell whilst working the postponed 2020 Euros. What will V have to do in order to achieve her goal of motherhood?

my aims with 'give us a smile'

  • To create a new and current piece of theatre whilst using research to touch upon the history of public houses and the patriarchy 
  •  To give a platform to marginalised communities through my use of storytelling 
  •  To create a piece of work that will strive to empower women and challenge the treatment of women within UK pub culture 
  •  To unapologetically portray the sexism and dismissal found within the workplace
  • To explore the impact of micro-aggressions and portray the consequences of them 

where will the money go?

  • Money will go towards the creation and craft of bringing my set to life! This includes buying props to dress the set and materials to build the bar
  • I will also use the funds to transport essential set items to and from the theatre space and to help market and advertise the play. 

Follow us here!

Follow us to find out how we're doing! I will be posting regular updates on how the funding from the campaign is helping the creation of this show. 

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