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Archery Compound Target

A project by: Knights' Archers



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Let's make Knights' Archers a more inclusive and diverse club

Knights' Archers Compound Target

We at Knights' Archers are raising money to purchase a new compound target.

We need a compound target to be able to let students who need and use compound bows to safely use them.What is a compound target? A compound target is the appropriate target used when practicing archery with a compound bow. A compound bow is a modern type of bow with cams. The weight of the draw is reduced by the cams on the bow which can allow you to hold it at full draw more comfortably. We have had to turn students wanting to practice archery with their compound bows away because we don't have a compound target. We would like to give everyone an opportunity in our club to having a go at archery, which is also why our membership prices are intentionally low so everyone has the opportunity to join. Our current equipment means compound bows can become dangerous which is why we need your help to allow us to make archery more accessible and inclusive at Reading. The first step to do this is to purchase a compound target to enable students with compound bows to practice archery. We soon hope to also buy our own compound bow, to further boost our effort towards creating a more inclusive place for students to practice archery.

Who are we?

We are Knights' Archers. The University of Reading's Archery club. We provide an inclusive and fun environment for students to learn archery.

Where will the money go?

All the funds raised will be used to purchase a new target.

How you can help:


Any donation big or small, will help us create a more inclusive space for students to pursue their passion for archery.


We understand that it is not always possible to donate. By simply sharing this link to this page or our social media, you will be helping us massively. The more people that are reached, the more successful the show, website and publication will be.