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Fleeting Ways

A project by: Lydia Michiels



from 15 donors

A girl unexpectedly meets an old friend, who forces her to face the truth of societal norms

My name is Lydia Michiels and I am the producer of this project called Fleeting ways! Our director is Bethan Soar, our production designer is Josie Carr, our scriptwriter is Tom Penn, our sound designer is Kurt Churchyard and our cinematographer is Tom Williams. We are all very invested in this project and we really want to see it succeed.

We are all really looking forward to making this film and bringing an incredible idea to life. To do this we may need your help! We are trying to raise a maximum of £400 for this project as this will really help us to achieve our goals.

Your money will go towards the project and fund things like professional equipment and a great location where we can shoot. We will also be paying our actors for their time and their travel so that they have the best time with the project as well.

Anything that you can do to help with this project will be very appreciated! You don't need to donate to support us! Please share this with friends and family who you think might enjoy a project like this!

We have also made an instagram page @fleetingways which is where you will see regular updates on how the project is going and we may also post some behind the scenes of the actual shoot! So go and give it a follow.

We hope you guys enjoy this pitch and have fun watching this film when it is done and we appreciate any small donation you are willing to give!