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Beyond The Ashes

A project by: Clarisse Ageorges



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Going to the Afterlife seems to be a pretty straight deal. Unless Gods start getting involved.

Who am i?

My name is Clarisse. I am the director and writer of this film that will serve as my master's dissertation project. I have always wanted to make a film about ancient times and afterlife and now I have the opportunity to realise it.

I am raising funds so I can create realistic designs as well as help with location costs and transport costs. I also plan to enter this film to festivals. 

film plot

After his death, Galen thought that he would join his wife and son in the afterlife. But one god might be thinking otherwise, especially if Galen can help him win a contest. Having to choose between two afterlives, Galen faces a dilemma. Where will he go in the end?

my story

The film will tackle the subjects of family and culture, particularly exploring biculturalism as it is becoming more and more present in our world. The film will focus on the potential impact culture can have on someone even in the afterlife. It will also touch on the idea of heritage and the pressure of the family to follow a certain path.

The film will be a fiction with some comedic elements. The setting is originally in Ancient Greece then move to a bureaucratic space. 


Here is a moodboard with some of my inspirations for my project. 

Where will the money go?

- Set decoration/props: Making an abstract concept feel real will require some decoration and props. (£200)

- Location cost: I plan to rent some spaces to help me achieve the looks of my film. (£500)

- Costumes and makeup: Being set in Ancient Greece then in a bureaucratic environment means my actors need to be dressed and look accordingly. I plan to try and create some of the costumes myself as well. (£100)

- Travel to locations (£100)

- Submission to film festivals (£100)


If you support my film project there are a range of rewards you could claim. I want to thank and credit my donors for their important part in making the film. 

Find me here

You can follow my progress on my instagram page: 


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