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The Second Chance Café

A project by: Toby Midlane



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A Receptionist grapples with living as a domesticated office worker. Longing for something more.

A short summary of our project

Myself and my crew are second year students in Film and Theatre, raising money for our latest creation. The Second Chance Café! This is a sci-fi drama set in an unnamed monotone city. Led by a student crew, we aim to create the most polished version of our completely original project! 

We have loved the planning process for this piece, and we believe it will stand out from the crowd through these features: 

  • A visually fantastic screenplay
  • An exciting plot that pulls viewers in
  • Linguistic and stylistic flare

About us

Here is a little bit about the 6 crew members behind the project!

Charles is our writer/director, Charles has been keen to start work on his new project and bring his story to life. Charles is an enthusiastic and adventurous individual, who has a lot of experience in performance, alongside starring in an award-winning short film ‘Benighted’ (dir. Dan Macadden). He is so excited to now be taking on the role of writing and directing on his first amateur film project!

Toby Midlane is the writer/producer of the project. This is Toby’s third amateur film project and is excited to be taking on the producer role in this exciting new adventure! Toby has thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating this project, by bringing in a mix of hand drawn art styles for the promotional images, mixed with genres of music he is very fond of. After having on screen roles in his past two projects, Toby is keen to get stuck into an executive role!

Our Cinematographer is TJ! TJ has had a few experiences on set over the year, and has had experience being a performer herself. She's hoping to capture the heart of the film in this production.

Erin is our costume designer! Erin has had experience with costume, hair and makeup in the past, but it’s a first being put on screen! Erin is really looking forward to working on this film. Erin is an outgoing individual who loves working and collaborating with new people. She is keen to explore the creative opportunities in costume, hair and makeup in this project, due to the quirky yet interesting characters and hopes this translates on screen!

Dani Pinna is our camera operator. Dani attended drama school for two years prior to starting her course at reading university and has never had the experience as working as a camera operator. She's very keen and excited to learn the behind the scenes for the project and to learn new things as she goes along with new people! 

This is Elena Turner, the sound operator and designer of Second-chance café. Elena has had a lot of experience in film. This is her first-time operating sound, and she is excited to improve her skills.

Where will the money go?

If we reach our target, here is what the funds will be used towards: 

  • Hair makeup and costume for cast
  • Catering and travel expenses for cast
  • Location budgets
  • Promotional arts
  • Travel expenses

If we raise any extra funds above our target, this money will be used by the University of Reading Film Theatre and Television department to help promote our film and other films made by our fellow students. 


We will also have some fantastic rewards ready for the top donators!

Find us here

You can also find us on instagram, https://www.instagram.com/second.chance.cafe_film?utm_source=qr, we have exciting news updates and progress photos of the project!

Help us succeed!

We are very passionate about this project and hope you are too, we need your help to bring this film to life! Any donations are extremely appreciated!