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Inter-Varsity Championships

A project by: Joasia Jakubowska



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After nearly 18 years, RUBLS is returning to the Inter-Varsity National Championships!!

Reading University Ballroom, Latin and Salsa society has been a cherished part of the University society scene since 1950, recently celebrating its 70th anniversary. For nearly thirty years, the Inter-Varsity Dance Championship (IVDC) in Blackpool was a staple in our calendar.

We would like to go back on the 22nd February; to join over 50 other universities in a celebration of dance, ballroom and team spirit.

Our story:

Who are we?

Reading University Ballroom, Latin & Salsa Society (RUBLS) is one of the oldest societies at the University. Nearly all of our members start training at university. Everyone is welcome at RUBLS! We are a fun and engaging society with a shared love of one of the most beautiful forms of dancing. We have classes for beginners and more experienced dancers as well as an open practise, based in Wessex Hall or the Sports park dance studios. Throughout the year we put on shows, compete all over the country and have a brilliant time dancing everywhere from ballrooms to bachata clubs! For this reason, we believe members of our society deserve to take part in one of the most celebrated events of the dancing year! We want to encourage everyone in our society to come along to see what it's like in the Winter Gardens, the birthplace of Ballroom, and of the first world championships. To do so, we are fundraising to lower the costs so everyone can attend, but we need your help!

History of IVDA

The Ballroom, Latin and Salsa society competes on a university circuit known as Inter Varsity Dance Association (IVDA). IVDA was founded in 1962 and has striven to promote Ballroom and Latin dancing at universities that we have all learned to love. We have been part of the institution since the 80’s yet have missed out on this fantastic opportunity. Members from other university dance sport societies have said experiencing the IVDC is the highlight of their dancing year. Unfortunately, the society has not been able to attend the championships in Blackpool in recent years due to financial constraints. This is why we need your support to make this happen!

The costs

We have calculated the approximate full cost per student will be £110 for the whole weekend. We want to raise as much funds as possible to help every member to come with us on this wonderful weekend waltz! Here is a breakdown of what your money could help us achieve:

£300 will cover the societies travel cost from Reading to Blackpool and back again.

£500 covers our members entry fee into the competition.

£1,200 to cover accommodation for our members to stay for the weekend.

Our stretch goal will help to cover all the above costs.

Will I make a difference? Any amount donated will make a huge difference! You will enable us to cover some of the expenses and for a number of us to have the once in a lifetime opportunity of dancing in a world-renowned venue! All funding will go directly to funding the trip, no matter how much is raised!


If you contribute, you can claim a reward! This includes videos from us and other treasures to keep, such as a hoodie from the club.

Help us succeed!

Even if you don’t donate you could help us succeed by sharing this project with friends and family or anyone you think of that could support us. The more people that know about it, the more likely we will be able to make our members aspirations come true!

If you would prefer to give your support through an alternative method to PayPal, please visit the Reading FundSpace online donation form here


Here are some photos of the society from previous competitions and shows!

Follow us Online

Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates and to find out more information about us!

There is also our website on RUSU.

We all believe making it to IVDC will be a phenomenal highlight of the year, we would love for you to come along for the journey!!

Dance Love x University of Reading Ballroom, Latin and Salsa Society