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RSA Degree Show 2023

A project by: Eloise Lifton



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Help fund the Reading School of Art Finalists degree show.

A short summary of your project

The Reading School of Art finalists are raising funds to make the 2023 Degree show a reality. We will showcase our best works to date and our exhibition will go hand in hand with a website and a collective publication titled ‘The Epilogue’.

The private view and main celebration of the Degree show will take place on the 26th of May 2023. 

The publication will contain a collection of artworks, essays and documents from students, cohesively collating the wide range of multidisciplinary practices from the Finalists. The Degree Show will be a lively event featuring art alongside live music and will celebrate the end of a long artistic journey for Reading School of Art Finalists with wider support from friends, family and the public. 

Who are you?

We are fourth year students at the University of Reading School of Art. As a group of committed, conscientious, and creative individuals, we are working hard together to produce a high-quality degree show and publication. We work across a vast range of mediums—painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance, and everything in between. In our exhibitions, we attempt to celebrate the diversity of our practices, making sure the different pieces enrich one another and coexist harmoniously in the space. 

Your story

In order to make the Degree Show a reality, WE NEED YOU!

This will be the last Degree show held in the current Reading School of Art building. As all good things must come to an end, we would like to celebrate in style. In order to fully commemorate the building, history and legacy of the current art department we require as much funding as possible to go out with a bang!

The Degree show is the unique part of the educational journey of the art student. Firstly, it is an accumulation of 4 years of study for Ba Art and Joint Honours students and 3 years of study for Ba Fine Art students. It is the finale to an extensive amount of hard work and perseverance by students, amounting to the largest achievement all students would have endured. In addition, the Degree show is an event in which family, friends and peers can take a moment to enjoy, appreciate and congratulate all the finalists glorious efforts during their experience at the Reading School of Art. 

We have already been fundraising throughout the year in preparation, but we need your help to give us that last boost and make it happen. Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated. With your help we can put on our biggest and best show to date!

Where will the money go?

The funds raised through this platform will contribute to covering the overall cost of the Degree Show and it's publication catalogue. and will supplement what we have already raised through applying for grants. 

The estimated cost for producing a full-colour publication is £3500. We have already raised three quarters of this cost thanks to previous fundraising efforts and through applied-for funding grants, but have a shortfall.

In addition, there will be extra costs to produce an entertaining, stimulating and successful Degree Show! Your donations will therefore help fund the costs of marketing, production of handmade merchandise and other admin costs. To truly celebrate the history of the department we are asking for donations big or small to make our ideas a reality!

The minimum we need to raise is £500 to cover the shortfall of the publication costs. However, any money raised over this amount will greatly benefit the additional costs mentioned. In turn, the bigger the donation, the bigger the outcome will be for the degree show!

Find us here

Follow us to find out how we're doing on instagram @rsa_finalists2023.

We share updates straight from the studio, be sure to check us out to follow along on the journey to the 2023 degree show!

Help us succeed!

You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us.

Any donations - big or small - will greatly impact the success of the 2023 Degree Show, so we are kindly asking for you to show your support!

If you can't donate, the next best way to show your support is through sharing our journey on our social media channels. Spread the word as best your can!

And lastly, thank you from all the 2023 RSA Finalists; your continued support will make our dreams a reality!