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Little Bird

A project by: Jack Brown



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A psychological horror about a young girl seeking the approval of her father

A short summary of your project

A psychological mystery and body horror exploring the story of a young girl judged in the eyes of her father and desperate to gain his approval.

Who are you?

Jemma Harris: Co-Producer/Co-Director

Nicolo Sturaro: Co-Producer/Sound/Scriptwriter

Jack Brown: Co-Director/Casting Director

Joe Cummings: Cinematography/Set design

Jodie-May Roach: Cinematography 

Your story

The Girl lives a mundane life. Until one day she notices a shift in energy: her surroundings begin to change and she changes with it; sacrificing her identity in the process, or revealing her true identity all along?

Where will the money go?

  • Travel Expenses
  • Props
  • Costume
  • SFX makeup
  • Lighting

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We would hugely appreciate any support in getting this project made. Donating isn't the only way to support us, sharing this fundraiser is another way to do so.