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2020 Visions Art Degree Show

A project by: Becca Lynn


WE RAISED £1,301

from 30 donors

Please support University of Reading's art finalists to put on the most memorable degree show yet.


We are finalist students from the University of Reading's art department, (that building that no one knows where it is... but it's just over the lake... no it's not agric), raising money for our final degree show on 5th June 2020.

We are all passionate artists, working towards the end of our degree. The degree show is the culmination of our 4 years at Reading and will showcase over 50 artworks from students, ranging from traditional art materials, such as painting and sculpture, to more contemporary and conceptual works, including installation, performance and film. There will be something everyone can enjoy.

We are hoping that this year's show will be the most ambitious degree show yet. As a cohort we are engaged in creating a collaborative event to showcase the work we are incredibly proud of. But we need your help to make it a reality!

Where will the money go?

The money raised will be used to help create a cohesive show to fit with our construction theme, the costs are as follows;

£10 for a website domain showcasing the event.

£300 will create a professional, immersive exhibition.

£600 will be used to put on a spectacular opening with refreshments, music and entertainment. It will allow for professional performance works and help contribute to AV equipment. 

£1,500 to print the publication and flyers to advertise the show to a wider audience.

Our stretch goal will help us provide all of the above.

Will I make a difference?

These additions will have a massive impact, allowing us to stage a professional exhibition opening, helping more students' to network, and attract a larger footfall.

It is also the most important event in any art students' calendar and what their entire degree is geared towards, therefore we want to make this the best it can possibly be, and have the opportunity to showcase it to a wider audience.  

We have some great rewards, made by our very talented artists to thank you for your generosity.

Find us here

Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more information about the show, there will also be a website that is yet to go live, but the link will be on our Instagram when completed.

Instagram: @uor_2020visions

Help us succeed!

If you can donate we would be incredibly grateful, however, if you can't please do share this link with as many people as possible.

If you would prefer to pledge your support through an alternative method to PayPal, please visit the Reading FundSpace online donation form here. 

Finally please keep 5th June saved in your diary, to experience our show for yourself!