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Degree Show 2022

A project by: Tehya Connery



from 20 donors

Help finalists at Reading School of Art create a degree show celebrating art in these strange times.

A short summary of our project

The Reading School of Art finalists are raising £1000 in order to make our final degree show on Wednesday 1st June 2022 a reality. We will display our best works to date—four years’ worth of study in the making—, propelling our entry into the Art world as emerging artists. The opening will also have a bar and live music.

The exhibition will go hand in hand with a website and a collective publication titled ‘Common Room’. The publication will be a collection of artworks, essays and documents, bringing together our multi-disciplinary practices. The Degree Show will therefore aim to bring together the university’s wider community, as well as the surrounding local public, in an open summery event to celebrate creativity and lighter things.  


We are fourth year students at the University of Reading School of Art. As a group of committed, conscientious, and creative individuals, we are working hard together to produce a high-quality degree show and publication. We work across a vast range of mediums—painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance, and everything in between. In our exhibitions, we attempt to celebrate the diversity of our practices, making sure the different pieces enrich one another and coexist harmoniously in the space. 

Our story

Higher education, like many other sectors, has been largely impacted by the Pandemic. The degree shows over the last two years have been crucial in bringing the department together during these strange times. We have however been lucky returning to mainly in-person teaching this year and the success of our last three Interim shows has given us the momentum to continue to restore this vitality to the department. However, in order to make the Degree Show a reality, WE NEED YOU!

Social distancing measures have still made it difficult to work collaboratively and carry out the appropriate fundraising activities. Therefore, we need some help in covering the costs of our final degree show—while keeping everyone safe. However small, any donation will mean a lot. 

Where will the money go?

All the money donated will go directly into the Degree Show and Degree Show opening. We will provide regular updates on our social media channels on exactly how and where the money donated is being used.

We understand that due to the nature of the pandemic, our plans may have to be adapted at the announcement of new restrictions nearer the time. If the latter does occur and we are no longer able to put on an in-person exhibition, the money raised for this element of the Degree Show will go towards creating an online exhibition alternative.  

Our current known costs are as follows:

The funds raised through Fundspace will contribute to the overall cost of the Degree Show, alongside applied-for funding and previous fundraising efforts.

The estimated publication cost currently stands at between £2500-2550, which should be covered through previous fundraising efforts and applied-for funding.

Fundspace funds will therefore go primarily towards exhibition costs of which we have budgeted for a minimum of £700. This covers costs for marketing, home-crafted merchandise, supplies for the bar and admin costs such as postage and website domain. Any money that we raise above this minimum will help cover any unexpected costs that may arise, or if not, be invested in further equipment supplies for the show. 

How can you help?


Any donation big or small will be greatly appreciated and help us to make this Degree show, the best it can be.


We understand that it is not always possible to donate. By simply sharing this link to this page or our social media, you will be helping us massively. The more people that are reached, the more successful the show, website and publication will be.


As a way of returning your kindness, everyone who donates will have a chance to win art prints or your own copy of our publication. Also, at our upcoming Interim Show ‘Bloomin Hell’ (details below), there will be the opportunity to enter a raffle to win portraits and other prizes. We do however have limited capacity in the department for in-person events and mask-wearing will still be highly encouraged regardless of the lifting of restrictions. Therefore, we are planning to make the raffle tickets available to purchase online, for people who are unable to attend the show in person.

For any queries regarding attendance, the Interim show, or the Degree Show, please contact us at: readingartcom2021@gmail.com 

Find us here

We would love for you to get involved and follow our journey from the Interim Show in February to our final Degree Show in June. Information regarding both exhibitions will be posted on our social media. To keep up-dated please follow us:

INSTAGRAM: rsa_finalists2022

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/UoRFinalists2022 

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdpD_cfUgNFX-1cDlDk_Fgg 

Come to our events

As it currently stands:

Bloomin Hell, takes place on Monday 7th February 2022 at Reading School of Art. The final Degree Show is planned to take place at Reading School of Art on Wednesday 1st June 2022.  On behalf of all the finalists in STUDIO 4, we would just like to extend a huge thank you. With your help, we can celebrate the end of a rocky university journey through art, music, and being together once again.